The Montrose Shop

Montrose, often referred to as the “Heart of Houston”, has become one of my favorite neighborhoods.  It’s home to art galleries, antique shops, B&Bs, boutiques, quaint coffee shops and wineries, tree-covered bungalows, renovated mansions, and some of Houston’s best eateries.   The culture is rich and diverse, and in the midst of it all is the Montrose Shop, a white-washed brick home turned into a lifestyle shop for the closet and home.  The style is minimalist yet chic, a perfect illustration of the shop’s mantra “Paris Meets Texas”.

The Montrose Shop

The Montrose Shop

KIMBERLY NGUYEN, Montrose Shop’s current owner, shared a little bit about her passions.



Tell me a little bit about yourself.
In a few words, I’m a restauranteur with a very sweet closet!  I have an appreciation for all things simple and beautiful.

How do you choose what products to sell in your shop?
I start by asking myself, would I really utilize this item?  If it’s practical, then yes,  If it’s pretty, then an even bigger YES!  It’s seldom these days to come across things that are both appealing and functional.  When you do find it, you just have to take the plunge!

What’s your favorite thing in your closet?
swear by having the best pair of denim jeans as a staple.  Something that can be lived in and gets better as time goes on.  I love my high-waisted and mom jeans.  Second, would be a great pair of flats.

Who are your style muses?
I don’t have a particular person (because I have too many!), but I love looks curated by Kim Kardashian and Olivia Palermo.  A weird combination, I know!

What do you want the people shopping at the Montrose Shop to know?
Most of our designers are independent brands, and that’s what we love.  All items are made with love and we can tell the designers work closely with and back their brands 100%.  We have quality goods for every occasion!

Words to live by?
Dressing well is a form of good manners. – Tom Ford.  And always be kind!

The Montrose Shop

The Montrose Shop

The Montrose Shop

The Montrose Shop

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The Montrose Shop

The Montrose Shop

The Montrose Shop just got in all of their fall inventory.  I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the new pieces.  Houston babes, head on over and shop your heart out.

  • Uyen Vu

    Hi Elaine,
    As a resident of Houston for 9 years who lived in the Montrose area specifically for 3, I LOVE this area the most! There were many fond memories at Poison Girl, Cafe Brasil/Empire, pride parades and even disaster Hurricane Ike, as my neighbors and I bonded with surrounding folks without electricity for 10 days. My best friend, Juley Le, blogger of and known francophile, was mostly responsible for branding and curating this store with Kim, as it was originally called Parcs+Rec (Jules spent a great deal of time visiting me in the Montrose area so she decided to go with that name instead as an ode). While this beautiful shop is exactly what Montrose needed, and I’m proud of the hard work both women have put in to make it happen, I want my best friend gets the credit she deserves as this article does not share the full truth about the inspiration/philosophy. 😉 Thanks, Elaine! xo

    • Jessica

      Yes, Elaine. I’m sorry but you’ve been duped. If you do your research on Montrose Shop’s history, you’ll know that Juley was the brainchild of this establishment but Kim has repeatedly tried to take credit for it. Here is an article about how it really came to fruition.

      P.S. Even Kim’s statement ‘I’m a restauranteur with a sweet closet’ was the term Juley coined for Kim. I hope you can fact check her statements and correct your article as most of us from Houston know the truth.

  • I will take all of the above! Loving every single thing in that shop.

  • Mary Powers

    What a fabulous shop!! I love everything Kimberly said! Totally agree about jeans being a staple 🙌🏼

    • I know! I absolutely loved her answers… which now that I think of it makes total sense considering the fact that I love everything in her store. If you’re ever in Houston, you must visit! AND we must have a coffee date. 😉

      • Mary Powers

        FOR SURE!!

  • What an awesome shop! I wish I lived in the area.


    • If you are ever in town… it’s a must! They are also working to open a new location in NOLA too, in case you’re ever visiting there. Have a lovely weekend, Jenny!

  • What an adorable shop…I love everything about it! Next time I’m in the area I’m gonna make a stop at The Montrose Shop-looks so fun!

    • You definitely should. It’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll leave with something. And all of the people that work there are so kind!

  • Ruthie Ridley

    I was just in Houston!!! Wish I got to visit this cute space!!