When In Seattle - Go to the top of the Space Needle

After we both completed law school, my best friend Ashley and I made a promise to each other that we would go on a girls trip somewhere at least once a year.  We are realizing how difficult it is to make time for visits now that we both are working full time.  Life just gets so busy, but I’m so thankful that we made time for this trip.  This year we chose to spend a couple days in Seattle and then rent a car and drive down the west coast to spend a few days in Portland.  The drive was incredibly beautiful – lush evergreen trees all around you and the Pacific Ocean coming in and out of sight.


When In Seattle - Le Panier French bakery

When In Seattle - Le Panier French bakery

When In Seattle - Le Panier French bakery

Le Panier
A classic French boulangerie and patisserie located in the heart of Pike Place Market.  Chocolate croissants, macarons, & lattes for breakfast.  We woke up early both days to spend our morning at Le Panier – it was that good.
Ivar’s on Pier 54
Ivar’s is renowned for its clam chowder, but we both had the fish ‘n chips.  We sat out on the pier for lunch and fed the seagulls French fries.

When In Seattle - Dinner at The Pink Door - Italian

The Pink Door
The most adorable and quaint little Italian place.  We sat outside on the patio with a view of Elliot Bay.  I had the Campanelle Alla Caprese pasta, and it was so palatable.  Also, it’s quite literally the pink door in Post Alley.  There’s not really a sign that says The Pink Door.  We wandered around a little bit before figuring that out, so I thought I’d save you some time.


When In Seattle

When In Seattle

Space Needle
So touristy, but it was my first time to Seattle, so it was a must.  It’s similar to the Empire State building or the Chicago Skydeck in that you do it at least once just because.

When In Seattle - Pike Place Market

When In Seattle - Pike Place Market

When In Seattle - Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market
Oh, what I would give to have a farmer’s market like this every day!  In Houston, our farmer’s markets are mostly limited to Saturdays, and some of them are only once a month.  I loved waking up early both Thursday and Friday morning to see Pike Place Market already in full swing.  More fresh fruit, vegetables, and flowers than you can even imagine.

When In Seattle - Take the ferry to Bainbridge Island

When In Seattle - Take the ferry to Bainbridge Island

When In Seattle - Take the ferry to Bainbridge Island for some wine tasting and shopping

Take the scenic ferry ride to Bainbridge Island
The ferry ride itself is worth it.  It’s only $8 and it takes you there and back.  There is more than one and they run constantly so you don’t have to worry about time too much.  You get an incredible view of the Seattle skyline both ways and the view of Bainbridge Island is gorgeous as well.  The downtown area is walkable from the ferry.  There are so many charming boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, and a few wineries.  Speaking of…

When In Seattle - Wine Tasting at Island Vintner's on Bainbridge Island

When In Seattle - Wine Tasting at Island Vintner's on Bainbridge Island

Island Vintners
Bainbridge Island is covered in wineries.  However, you can’t reach any of them without a car.  Island Vintners is a little wine tasting nook in downtown Bainbridge, and it represents two local craft wineries – Amelia Wynn & Fletcher Bay.  If it’s nice outside, sit on the patio in the back.  You must get the three cheese small plate!  It’s served with crackers, prosciutto, and Italian olives soaked in oil.  It’s. so. good.
Mora Iced Creamery
Homemade ice cream and sorbet.  When I say homemade, I mean the old-fashioned way – toasting pistachio nuts, melting Belgian chocolate, squeezing fresh fruit, fresh milk, real eggs, and cane sugar.  “Mora” means blackberry in Italian and Spanish, and Bainbridge Island is home to the wild blackberry.

Despite Ashley’s disappointment in finding out that most of Grey’s Anatomy was not actually filmed in Seattle, we loved our short time there.  We were also terribly lucky that it didn’t rain on us.  Details on the second half of our trip are coming soon!


  • Bookmarking for my visit to Seattle! I’m headed there in a few months and SO excited. Once again, your “when in” content is beautiful, along with everything else

  • Lauren Scorzafava

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to keep these places in mind if I ever heard back there!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  • Loved your perspective! I’m a Seattle blogger and appreciate every bit of it! So happy you had sun while you were here! If you return we should plan a little blogger coffee meetup!

    • Ah, yes! We were so so lucky with the sun. I’m so jealous of the views you live nearby. I would love to see the ocean that often. And, yes! I’d love that. Or if you ever visit Houston! xx

  • Chris Huston

    I’ve wanted to go to Seattle for so long and this just makes me want to go more! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I’ve always wanted to go to Seattle especially to the Pike Place Market!

  • Adaleta Avdic

    Even though I’ve been to Seattle, it’s so interesting reading what you got up versus what I got up to! Such nice photos too, looks so niiiice! xx adaatude.com

    • That couldn’t be any more true! I love how two people can go to the same place and have such different experiences. It’s what makes visiting the same place more than once totally worth it.

  • Just the pictures of the tasty pastries has convinced me I want to go to Seattle now haha

  • My husband and I visited Seattle for the first time earlier this year and we absolutely loved it. Pike Place Market is so fun and next time we go, I’ll have to check out the bakery!

  • StayWithMeonThis

    My best friend lives in seattle! That pink door is adorable!

    • It was so so delicious. And I loved that they sell some of their wines by carafes! You should absolutely take advantage of her living there and visit often. 🙂

  • Seattle is so fun! Pike Place is my favorite spot in the city!

  • I live here too and loved your post……I need to get on with some of my Seattle posts..Its so beautiful in the summer…ive been traveling and spending all my time on those posts..that bakery is so amazing isn’t it!? Great post!

    • Thank you, Valerie. You should definitely share about your favorite Seattle spots! I love learning about a place from fellow bloggers before I visit and taking recommendations. Oh, and that bakery… the pistachio macarons were too good. Have a wonderful week!

  • Heather Gullett Denniston

    I live here and I haven’t done half of that. Great line up of things to do for sure!

    • That probably speaks to how big Seattle is! I’m trying to make it a point to get out and explore more of my hometown, but it’s hard once you’ve found the places you love.

  • Abby Grajewski

    I have never been to Seattle, but would really love to. It looks like an amazing city!

  • I have only driven through Seattle, but would love to visit someday! There is so much to see!

    • There really is. There are several things we didn’t have time to do during our two-day trip, so we may just have to go back someday. 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing your trip! Seattle is the top of my list of places to visit in the US!

    • Of course! I always love to read up about a place before I go so I can be sure to find all the perfect spots. You should definitely make the trip. Happy Tuesday, Lauren! xx

  • Hannah Farrell

    Oh Seattle! How i miss it! I haven’t been in so long! Seeing all these fun spots and yummy food makes me want to hop on a plane and visit!

    • We loveddd it, Hannah! So many yummy places to eat. I think our time on Bainbridge Island was my favorite. So many adorable boutiques and wineries.